Flame Retardant Free Convertible Car Seats

Just a few years ago you couldn’t find a convertible car seat that was flame retardant free. Thanks to our collective consumer pressure, and testing by non-profit organizations like the Ecology Center, brands are responding and there are several options for parents looking for non-toxic car seats.

I wrote an article about infant car seats HERE, and many of you asked about my recommendations for flame retardant free convertible car seats.

Why are flame retardants bad?

They sound helpful, don’t they? Considered by scientists as “the new lead”, this class of chemicals is used by the pound to treat our couches, car seats, mattresses and some upholstery. The chemical industry would have you believe that these chemicals help slow the spread of household fires, but after decades of use and widespread testing, the chemicals don’t actually work.

They are linked with neurological damage, hormone disruption and liver and kidney disease. Even worse, these chemicals migrate from car seats and into our bodies, and most are “persistent”, meaning they never leave our bodies. (You can read more about the toxicity of these chemicals HERE.)

Expert picks for flame retardant free convertible car seats

The Ecology Center is my go-to source for flame retardant testing. They have successfully moved the market over the years through educating consumers and pushing brands to do the right thing.

Based on their 2019 testing results, here are my top picks for convertible car seats:

All of these are going to be solid options for your family, but I would add that I like that Nuna is also GreenGaurd Gold certified.

Raising a child isn’t easy, but finding non-toxic options for your home is. Read more about my non-toxic household tips HERE.

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