Having a Skin Care Routine Isn’t Vain, It’s an Act of Self-Love

If I were to share my new skin care routine with you, it may seem a bit extravagant. I’m not a beauty junkie, I don’t wear a lot of makeup, and I would not fall into the high-maintenance category. I used to think that anyone who would spend the time to apply several different moisturizers before leaving the house was… well, vain. Thankfully we all mature over the years and I now have come to a much different conclusion.

I believe that any self-care routine, whether it’s exercise, preparing your own meals or a daily skin care regime, is an act of self-love. I was recently reading an article that explored the different cultural interpretations of this concept. In the United States if you spend a lot of time on your skin and makeup you must be insecure. And in countries like South Korea, if you tell someone that you can’t be bothered with a skin care routine their response is, “Why? Don’t you care about yourself?”

Since taking the plunge into the private sector and working for a beauty brand, my skin care routine has expanded. And one of the primary reasons is that I can finally trust that the products that I’m using on my skin are safe. I didn’t wear much makeup before working for Beautycounter, simply because I knew too much. I knew that the majority of cosmetic companies used harmful ingredients in their products, legally.

Finding a company I can trust, means that I can create a skin care routine that takes a moment to celebrate me. And guess what? My skin has never looked better. It’s not that any one cream is going to make me look 30 when I’m 50. It’s that I’m taking care of my largest organ.

And in the process, I slow down every morning and every evening to take a few moments, for me.

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