Victories for Safer Chemicals in 2013

As many of you know, by day I work with the incredible coalition and team at Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families. And while the past year has been a hard, roller coaster of a year, we’ve continued to make progress in shifting the market away from toxic chemicals and letting Congress know that we won’t fall for phony toxic chemical reform.

Progress on eliminating toxic chemicals

1 – Mind the Store

Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families launched the “Mind the Store” campaign, an effort to work with the top ten retailers on moving the market away from toxic chemicals.

2- FDA acts on triclosan

The FDA recently announced they would regulate the toxic pesticide triclosan in certain hand soap products.

3- Retailers respond to public concerns

Walmart and Target announced company wide policies on toxic chemicals, taking initial steps to move the market towards safer products.

4- Companies take small steps

Johnson & Johnson agreed to take out the contaminant 1,4 dioxane and formaldehyde from their products, after years of pressure from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. In addition, P&G agreed to reformulate it’s detergent to remove the contaminant 1,4 dixoane (thanks to Lori from Groovy Green Livin’ and Women’s Voices for the Earth!).

5- Public stands strong for real toxic chemical reform

Despite a roller coaster of a year in Congress on toxic chemical regulation, thousands of people raised their voices to push Congress on passing REAL, meaningful reform of our toxic chemical laws. We spoke up and let Congress know we’re not going to fall for phony reform. Highlights from this year’s Stroller Brigade can be seen in the video below!

6- Breaking into popular culture

The movement for increased toxic chemical regulation gained new important spokespeople including actor Jennifer Beals, Elizabeth Berkley, Jessica Capshaw, Molly Simms and more.

7 – California revises flame-retardant standard

This is a big one in my opinion since finding furniture free of toxic flame retardants is one of the hardest things to do! The state of California revised its requirement to use toxic flame retardant chemicals in couches and furniture. Starting in 2014 furniture makers won’t be required to use flame retardant chemicals. This doesn’t mean they will stop using them, so be sure to call the manufacturer before making a new purchase.

8 – EPA retracts safety claims about artificial turf fields

The EPA in the close of this year retracted its statement that artificial turf fields are safe. This is big news for the many communities and parents that are fighting synthetic turfs in their towns and schools. To read more about the dangers of some artificial turf fields check out my blog here.

Watch our video highlighting what we did this past year – what will 2014 bring?

Inspired? Join the movement here.

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