Scientific Consensus Confirms Low Dose Exposure Risk to Hormone Disrupting Chemicals

In recent weeks I’ve written about the debates around whether or not “the dose makes the poison” when it comes to chemical exposures. The answer to this debate, when you look at the scientific literature, is that the answer depends on the chemical. Not all chemicals are harmful and not all chemicals are harmful at high or low doses. It depends.

So where is the science to back up the claim that low dose exposures matter? Here is a list of 19 scientific consensus papers (and this isn’t even a comprehensive list!), from leading researchers, dating back to the ’90s. These consensus papers are a way the scientific community shows that there is agreement around scientific concepts. In this case, the issue being whether or not we need to be concerned about small doses of endocrine disrupting compounds.

Here are some of the scientific consensus papers for you to review for yourself, and as you can see the body of science is robust and has been evolving over the last twenty years.

There is still a lot for us to learn about hormone disruption, especially as it relates to our exposures from every day products like cosmetics, household cleaners and pesticides. But what we do know should call us to action.

Join me in shopping for safer products—because it doesn’t hurt to avoid exposures where possible. And call your members of Congress to take action to restrict endocrine disrupting chemicals from the manufacturing of our beauty products, children’s toys, cookware, and other consumer goods.

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