Everything You Need to Know About THINX, the “Period Underwear”

Ladies, you can say goodbye to those ratty old Hanes stuffed in the back of your drawer, because THINX is in town. You may have seen buzz around “period underwear” spearheaded by the New York based company that has gone under a massive overhaul in the last year. I want to dive into all the ways I think this brand is awesome, from their refreshing advertising, to meeting the needs of women who menstruate or experience bladder leakage as a side effect of being… a woman.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored, and is entirely my writing and opinions. As you know, I take a lot of care to consider brand partnerships and only write about companies that I personally select, vet and proactively reach out to. 

1 – THINX are underwear that you wear during your period, and meet everyone’s unique needs

Do you have a light flow? You can use THINX to completely replace tampons.

Heavy? UseTHINX to make you feel confident if you accidentally leak.

Tired of pushing in an applicator-free tampon on your light days? Just wear THINX instead.

2 – THINX helps you reduce landfill waste from feminine care products

The average woman uses between 11,000 and 17,000 tampons in her lifetime…leaving for an industry that produces a lot of landfill waste (please don’t flush that shit down the toilet ladies…). THINX is a modern solution to help us reduce the amount of feminine care products we use, helping the environment and our wallets.

4 – There are different styles and shapes (including thongs, training shorts & leotards)

I appreciate that THINX offers everything from briefs, boyshorts to thongs and hiphuggers. This helps meet your needs as you go on living your life (as we do) while menstruating. There are nine different styles of THINX underwear, three of which are made featuring organic cotton for the extra eco-conscious.

5 – They feature a rad inclusive marketing campaign we can all get behind

OMG their website doesn’t make me feel like I’m fat. It’s sad that simple feeling is revolutionary, but I love how THINX uses women of all shapes, colors (and not in an annoying tolken-y sort of way), and they even feature women with disabilities in their art and advertising. That’s refreshing. Also, you may remember from a few years back when they used photographs of fruit as part of an ad campaign, apparently that was too racy for the NYT transit authority and they told the company to take down their ads. (But naked women with diamonds draped on them is okay?). In the end, THINX won the fight, their ads stayed up, and people all over the world (including me) fell in love with this brand.

6 – Why does the product have a silver application?

In the gusset there is a 4-layer technology — a moisture wicking layer, an absorbent layer, a leak-proof layer, and the outer structural layer.  The moisture wicking layer also has a non-migratory, ionic silver application to manage the odor created by your menstrual flow. This technology is commonly used on athletic wear for its odor prevention properties, has been tested, and is widely used across the apparel industry.

7 – Wash the product with your other laundry

To care for your period underwear, simply rinse them out at the end of the day and then place them in the wash with all of your other laundry. You just want to skip bleach and fabric softener, but let’s be honest, you shouldn’t be using those anyway. For my recommendations on environmentally friendly laundry detergent that works, read more HERE.

8 – No, you’re not sitting in blood all day

Some of the underwear hold up to two tampons’ worth of blood — sounds gross and fascinating at the same time, yes? The underwear are made with THINX signature four-layer technology, designed to help you feel dry and like yourself while you’ve got them on.

9 – They even have THINX for tweens and teens

Introducing THINX (BTWN)! THINX has created period-proof undies for the teens and tweens in our lives. This would have made me feel so much more confident during middle and high school, during after-school sports and dance. THINX (BTWN) not only helps teens/tweens feel more in control, but helps parents feel better prepared for this new phase of life, and talking about all the changes that come with it.

10 – Great for post-baby leakage… you know what I’m talking about

So, for the many women who have issues with occasional bladder leaks after having delivered a human through your vagina, THINX has a sister brand, Icon, that makes underwear with special technology for people who leak a little. This line of underwear can make you feel more confident when you go for runs, head to a cardio dance class, or if you want to skip the disposable underwear they give you at the hospital postpartum.

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