Dear Yoga Teacher, Please Don’t…


Let me practice with see-through yoga pants.

We’ve all read the articles titled: “Ten things your yoga teacher wants to tell you” and see-through, old yoga pants always makes the list.

Here’s the deal: no one wants to be the person who bends over and shows the world their goods because of see-through yoga pants. The problem is we probably just don’t know we’re wearing see-through shorts. How often do you put on your pants, bend over and look in the mirror to check out your backside? Yeah, me neither. So please find a way to give us a casual heads up after class.

Something like,

Hey Lindsay, I wanted to let you know that your yoga pants are starting to get the tiniest bit see-through. They’re not super bad, but in a few washings might get even thinner.”

If you’re a teacher of the opposite sex, ask another teacher of the same sex to say something to avoid an awkward situation.

Brag about your all-kale and steamed spinach diet.

It’s great that you eat really healthy, but don’t brag to your students about it. To be honest it’s really annoying to hear about your steamed spinach dinner when I’m sweating like hell, my heart’s racing, and I’m burping up last nights onion rings. I know you mean well yoga teacher, but let us find a healthy diet on our own terms, or if we ask you directly. A consistent yoga practice will naturally change the foods we crave, not your lectures from the yoga podium.

“Dial in” class.

We can tell when you’re on autopilot and spouting off the dialogue or mindlessly going from one posture to the next. If you want me to bring my A-game, please bring yours. One of the fastest ways to lose respect of your students is to deliver the exact same class every single time. I’m not talking about classes like Bikram or Ashtanga yoga that have the same set of postures or a dialogue to follow. I’m talking about going on autopilot and delivering a generic, mindless class.

Take it personal when I give you dirty looks.

Yoga brings up stuff, like lots of stuff. So if I’m giving you dirty looks throughout class, chances are it has nothing to do with you. Thanks for giving me the safe space to project my sh*&t on you, don’t worry, I’ll probably like you again ten minutes after class.

Play favorites.

I can see how it would be easy to only compliment the yogis in your class exhibiting beautiful postures, but please don’t play favorites. Those of us that are struggling, are inflexible, overweight, trying to quit smoking, or are considering it to be their last class, we are the ones who need your encouragement.

Be righteous.

Like your all-kale diet, it’s easy to get a little snotty when teaching yoga classes. Someone still doesn’t get a posture despite your brilliant instructions?! I get it. But having an air of righteousness is disempowering to your students. Encourage us and we will blossom like a flower.

Give up on me.

Yoga is hard. Like really, really hard. I will give up on myself before anyone else will, and part of my yoga journey is to stop that cycle. In the meantime I need you yoga teacher, to believe in me, to push me when I want to give up, to tell me I’m doing a good job when I feel beat down, to provide a model of hope and inspiration for the days when my yoga journey feels stalled out.


Your humble, hard-working yogi


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