Buy These 14 Fruits & Vegetables Organic

Years ago the Environmental Working Group (EWG) came out with the clever “Dirty Dozen“—a list of the top twelve fruits and vegetables that had the largest pesticide residue. Since the original list was published, EWG has added a few additional submissions, leaving 14 priority produce for buying organic.

Avoiding pesticides is not only good for your health (many pesticides are linked to various cancers, hormone disruption and harming the developing brain). Avoiding pesticides also drastically helps reduce the amount of farmworkers exposed to toxic pesticides, and protects the surrounding drinking water supply and habitat.

1- Kale / Collard greens

2- Tomatoes

3- Sweet bell peppers

4- Peaches

5- Celery

6- Cherry tomatoes

7- Strawberries

8- Apples

9- Nectarines

10- Grapes

11- Cherries

12- Spinach

13- Cucumbers

14- Hot Peppers

As food journalist Michael Pollan says, if there is only one thing you always buy organic, make it apples. While tasty and crisp, apples are notorious for having high amounts of pesticide residue. If you’re interested, take a moment to read through the full list of 48 fruits and vegetables that consistently test positive for pesticide residue.

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