10 Reasons to Take the Early Morning Yoga Class

Early morning yoga classes are so hard to get to, but once you’re there, your day will be made. Here are ten reasons I’m heading to the 5:30 AM yoga class!

A guaranteed good mood

Yoga naturally gives you a great mental flush and serotonin boost; taking class in the morning allows you to keep those happy brain chemicals humming all day long.

Jump start your metabolism

If you practice hatha, hot or Bikram yoga, compression poses will ensure that your metabolism is working for you throughout the day.

Time to yourself

Whether you’re a parent, in a relationship, or have a busy life, it’s easy to wake up and never have a moment to yourself. The beautiful thing about taking the early morning yoga class is you have 60 to 90 minutes entirely to yourself. This alone time early in the day can help ground you, clear your mind, connect with your spirituality, and promote healthy independence.

Mobile-free morning

I am guilty of waking up and immediately checking my phone, but when I dive into my morning yoga practice, I hold off on looking at my phone until after class. Having the morning electronic-free is so simple and so liberating. Do yourself a favor and avoid checking your phone, social media or email before class.

You’ll crave healthier foods

When I work out in the morning, whether a beach run or a hot yoga class, I naturally want to fuel my body with healthy foods.

Stretch before you sit

I love stretching and strengthening my body before I come into the office.

You don’t have to accidentally miss class because of a long work day (or traffic)

Sometimes I get stuck at work well into the evening, and there is nothing more disappointing than wanting to go to class but not being able to. Morning classes ensure that you’ll get your daily yoga dose and generally means less traffic to deal with on your way to and from class!

You can enjoy happy hour/time with your family

I love finishing work and having the whole evening free, knowing I already have my daily exercise under my belt! Evenings free mean more time with the people we love, reading, cooking healthy foods, or taking a relaxing hot bath.

Avoid the pre-dinner, post-work rut

I get into a funk right after work sometimes…all I want is a martini, cheese and crackers, but what I need is yoga. When I practice in the morning I know that I’ve already taken care of my body, mind and spirit. Interestingly, when I practice in the morning I feel less of a post-work “rut” in the evening!

Sleep well

A regular yoga practice generally helps most people sleep well. Couple the benefits of your yoga practice with being up early in the morning, you’re garuneteed to a restful night of sleep.

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